About the G130i Case Coder

High resolution coding solution for outer packaging

G130i is ideal for more complex case coding requirements: up to 2 print heads enable coding with print heights up to 25.4mm and to independently manage two production lines or code two sides of the same case.

  • Multiple heads for complex uses
  • Domino developed inks
  • Compact print heads for easy integration

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  • Dual sided case coding
  • G130i Thermal Ink Jet printing
  • Simultaneously coding primary and secondary packaging

Domino developed inks

Optimised for great performance

We use our extensive experience to develop and manufacture our range of G-Series inks to surpass the users’ requirements and guarantee consistent high quality coding. The inks for the G130i printer are designed for a wide range of porous materials such as carton or paper as well as for non-porous materials such as films and foils.

  • Flexible: you can print combinations of barcodes, logos and alphanumeric messages
  • Reliable: perfect codes even after extended production line stops
  • Lasting quality: adhesion and contrast ensure excellent code clarity and durability throughout the supply chain
  • Cost effective: low ink consumption and maintenance free operation deliver a low total cost of ownership

Other products in the range

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The G20i is the entry level, one sided box coding solution for outer case coding. Installing the G20i is quick, simple and requires no technical expertise. Everything you need is included with the package.

The system is service free. Cartridge change is a simple, less than 20 second operation without any technical skills or tools.

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The C-Series high resolution piezo printer provides marking solutions for the identification, traceability and graphic personalisation of porous substrates such as cardboard boxes, trays and bags.

Printhead sizes from 17.5 to 70mm are available to provide high resolution graphics, barcodes and alphanumeric codes at class leading speeds. A remote head option increases coding flexibility, simplifying integration into production lines.

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